Sunday spinning.... Targhee

Today I have hopes of finishing up my Hello Yarn Targhee in Shadows Parted.  I really wanted to cast on a pair of handspun socks, but in order to do so, the remaining 2 oz of fiber has to be finished.

I really am enjoying spinning this particular breed and find it much easier to spin ultra thin for my chain plying.  I've had a few spinners ask me if this is my first time spinning Targhee because for them it was a chore.  This is my first time spinning this and I think my success has to do with Adrian's prep.  The fiber was very fluffy and it made it easy for me to split and pre-draft.

About this breed ...

Photo courtesy of Todd Klassy - Sheep Shearing Photo Gallery

The Targhee is a breed of domestic sheep developed in early 20th century by the USDA's Agricultural Research Service. Targhee sheep are a dual–purpose breed, with heavy, medium quality wool and good meat production characteristics. Targhee sheep are a dual–purpose breed, with heavy, medium quality wool and good meat production characteristics. They are hardy, and are especially suited to the ranges of the West where they were developed. Targhee are especially popular in MontanaWyoming and South Dakota, where their ¾ fine wool and ¼ long wool breeding is favored by western ranchers. This breed is raised primarily for wool. ~ from Wikipedia

I'm aiming for another 150 to 160 yards of chain plied fingering weight.  My first 2 oz yield 164 yards.

Until next time ~ be creative !