Spinning Gotland

As mentioned in Monday's post, April's breed study for the Instagram Spinners and Ravelry Group.  I realized after going through my stash that I had an additional 2 oz (not 1 oz as originally thought) from another breed study purchase I made earlier in the year, which is exciting for me to have more to spin.

I started spinning my first 1/2 oz on yesterday and discovered that this fiber is buttery soft and spins like a dream.  I'm now torn on how I want to finish this wool after my complete single (or singles) is finished.  My first thought was to spin the entire 2 oz and then chain ply, but now thinking maybe I'll spin two bobbins and 2-ply.

I'm really excited about this month's breed and thank Sherrill for choosing such a soft wool to spin.  I will share that I'm not a technical spinner, I just spin for the pure enjoyment of it so I doubt I will complete the wool breed study sheet.

Until next time ~ be creative!