Distractions, distractions ... yes, many distractions!

The end to Tour De Fleece is a few more days away (ending on the 29th) and I will have to admit I haven't gotten  as much spinning as I had hoped but I am happy to have finished my 50 grams of Abundant Earth Fiber in Sugar Snap.  This finished bit will be chained plied later today, or maybe even tomorrow.

Next I will be spinning my Abundant Earth Fiber in Blood Orange.  This color is a lovely orange red that I can’t wait to spin!

I think one of the reasons I haven't done too much spinning, or knitting, is that I've been distracted by fun holiday embroidery patterns.   I started this cute little piece yesterday that I purchased from Hudson's Holidays on Etsy.

I almost have it finished, just working on the outside border and then I will be ready to make it into this cute piece to hang from a black frame.  This will be perfect for my Halloween decorations this year.

I've really enjoyed this little bit of embroidery distraction and look forward to doing more in the future. These fun pieces just might be next ...

Until next time ~ happy crafting!

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