Sunday Happenings .... Spinning and Knitting of Course!

I'm really enjoying this years Tour de Fleece.  It's been very inspirational to see all the spinning across the world and the gorgeous handspun that is being created.

I'm working on my Abundant Earth Fiber in Sugar Snap.  I'm very hopeful that I will finish spinning this 50 grams of fiber today, and maybe even chain ply late this afternoon.  I know many of you spinners are wondering why I don't let my bobbins rest over night, but I've found that I don't always have to do that unless I can see there's way to much "energy" in the twist.

Mentioned in the video:

Regarding knitting ......

I frogged my Beekeeper Cardigan!!!   I love this pattern and it was very well written but I simple did not like the way my increases were looking.  To me they were way to sloppy and had too many holes.  Since I'm a perfectionist, I could't take the look and didn't really think blocking it would help after it was finished. So, off to the frog pond it went but since I love the yarn, and the color of the yarn, I've decided to use it for Irish Coffee by Thea Colman.

Photo Courtesy of Thea Colman

From the Designer's Ravelry Page:  Irish Coffee is a top down tunic, knit in a gorgeous tweed. The details themselves are simple and flattering, but unusual enough that the sweater garners attention wherever I wear it!A long line of cables brings the eye to the center of the waist, while short sleeves and ribbing at the top balance out the long length. The elements of the sweater are simple and classic and result in a tunic versatile enough to wear with almost anything.
The design is worked top down, so adjusting the length, width, or sleeves for your personal taste is easy. Additional instructions in the pattern give advice on all sorts of modifications - and you can look at all the FOs on Ravelry to see the different versions, yarn choices and and options out there - it’s surprisingly flattering on everyone!

I love Thea's designs and have made several things from her collection of the last few years.  I think Irish Coffee will be perfect for my Ella Rae!

I'm also finishing up a sock that I started back in April.  This is a modified version of the Los Monos Locos (toe up) sock.  I'm making this pair as shorties, so I will be cast off today and casting on the mate!

So lots of spinning and knitting going on today.  

What's on your wheel, hook, needles or loom ?

Until next time ~ Tina

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