A Storing Closing .... Always Such A Sad Day!

Saturday morning I made my last trip to my most cherished and loved local yarn shop, Jessica Knits.  

After seven years, Tammy (owner) has decided to close the doors of her beautiful shop.  This was a very sad day for me and it was all I could do not to cry.  Like many of the stores patrons, I decided to take advantage of the closing discounts.  There wasn't much left in way of yarn, which I knew that would be the case,  but more than anything I wanted to say goodbye and to thank Tammy personally for her store.

I will miss not only this store, but Tammy and her friendly staff.  Tammy always greeted me by name and was quick to let me know about the new yarns that had just arrived that she new I would absolutely love.  She was always right and I always walked out with a large bag of yarn for at least two projects.

Tammy was quite pleased to see that I found the last of the Classic Elite Mohawk (60% Merino, 30% Romney, 10% Nylon blend).  I purchased all eight skeins in the color Driftwood, which will be more than enough for a pullover sweater or a cabled cardigan. 

I also purchased the last remaining two skeins of Classic Elite Mohawk in the color Oatmeal that I might use for a scarf and hat, or I might take Tammy's suggestion and use it   as colored yoke design with the Driftwood color.

And I even purchased one more skein of Elemental Effects Civility Sport Weight in the color Clove.

Small business owners close their stores for various reasons.  Some close due to health, some close due to retirement and others close due burnout.  It's hard being a small business owner, as it's a never ending job that many do not get a break from.

Next time you're visiting your local shop, tell the owner thank you for all that they do and for having beautiful items in inventory.  And please remember to support your local small businesses.  

Until next time ~ be creative!