When Patterns Collide

In last Friday's post I mentioned that I casted on a new sweater called Kitsap.  At the end of my post I talked about using my handspun scarf that Im knitting as part of the neck band for this cardigan.  I fell in love with how the fiber in the handspun looked with the Hemp Tweed and just kept thinking them should be put together.  

Well, I decided to go for it and I'm so excited to see how this creation will turn out.  One thing is for sure, it will be very unique.

From My Ravelry Page:

Per the schematic  for KitsSap (bottom of the page in this link), the size I am knitting needs to be 12" wide for the front panel, which works out perfectly for my idea.  Instead of casting on the front panel for the x-large, I casted on the stitches for the small size.  I decreased the arm hole as I did for the back (x-large size) and then working the decreases as indicated for the front edge of the panel.  Once this was done, I placed my scarf next to the panel to see where I would need to start the next edge to match.  I had to rip back about 3" so that I could start the neckline decrease.  

I have completed the stitch design portion (Favorite Scarf Ever) for the first panel, and I am working the remaining stitches in stockinette.  Once the second panel is finished (Rowan Hemp Tweed), I will sew both of them to the back.  This will allow me to see how much longer I will need to make the corresponding scarf/handspun portion.  Once I know the measure, I will continue in stockinette to the middle of the neck and use the kitchener stitch for grafting the two pieces together.  Next, I will sew the scarf/handpun addition to the front edges of each respective front panel. I may even crochet them together, I haven't quite decided yet.

This is an experiment and will be quite the adventure, but I am excited to see how this will turn out.

Until next time ~ be creative !