Sunday Catch Up!!!

I am truly sorry for being so far behind in my blog posts but I've been quite busy with work and family, which is really not a great excuse but it's the best I can give you all.

I haven't been knitting as much as I should but I have slowly but surely worked the last few days on my modified KitSap cardigan.  I have finished the back, the two front panels that I modified with the Rowan Hemp Tweed and one panel of my handspun. I decided to go ahead and sew the shoulder seams together and the one finished handspun panel.  I really think I'm going to love this look!!!

In the photo it looks like my front panel is puckering a bit but it's due to the way I was standing and trying to hold the sides together (they haven't been seamed yet).  I used the mattress stitch to sew them together and I'm quite pleased the shaping.  I have started a sleeve, which is going fairly fast and hope to have it finished this afternoon so that I can start the second sleeve.  Then on to the second handspun panel.

Forgive my goofy look, my husband was trying to make me laugh !

I've also started back on my Night's Watch shawl and truly love both the pattern and the yarn.

Still on my needles is my cozy autumn socks, which I did turn the heel, finished the gusset and now I'm working on the foot.  I have about 2 more inches or so to go before starting the toe.

I'm afraid I haven't done anything in the spinning department and I'm now two months behind in my breed study but I'll catch up soon.  

Until next time ~ be creative!