On My Wheel .... Oink Pigments Silky Fluff

I am truly loving the Oink Pigments Silky Fluff fiber ( 75% BFL and 25% Tussah Silk) I'm spinning.  The fiber itself is so soft and glides wonderfully through the orifice of my wheel.  For this project, I am spinning worsted (short draw) and not too thin as I'm aiming for a DK weight yarn and plan to 2-ply.  So far I seem to be maintaining my consistency and hope to be finished soon!

I didn't share a photo of the braid of fiber before I started separating and drafting for spinning. The deep rich raspberry mixed with burnt gold is creating such a gorgeous yarn and I am hoping (fingers crossed) I will end up with enough yardage to make an airy lace scarf.  

As I'm spinning and envisioning my knitting, I have begun to think this lovely fiber would be gorgeous mixed with Rowan Kidsilk Haze in their rich raspberry color called Blushes.  The mix of the hands-on with the Kidsilk would really creative a beautiful knitted fabric that would be not only soft, but give a lovely halo as well.

Kidsilk Haze - Blushes

After seeing the photos side by side, I definitely will be combing the two!

Until next time ~ be creative!