A Finished Pair!

After two months of working on a pair of vanilla socks, I'm so happy to say I have a finished pair!!  A few of you who know me, you know I can be rather "OCD" about matching stripes but for some reason I do not have that feeling about this pair of socks and honestly do not care if my stripes match or not.  I love them and the colors are so soothing.

I am now working on my Cozy Autumn Socks and I'm quite happy that I'm just about finished with the gusset decreases.  I should have the mate off my needles by the end of the week, if not before. 

Once this pair is done the I can start my Miss Marple Sock KAL, which I'm very excited about and spent Sunday organizing my yarn and pattern matches. I have a mix of Indie dyed yarns, Paton's Kroy, WYS Signature Yarn, etc.  This KAL will be the perfect way for me to use up yarn in my stash, which makes me very happy.

I just noticed in the photo below I have a duplicate photo ... sorry about that.

Do you like to match yarn with patterns for KALs ?

Until next time ~ be creative!